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Welcome to Gretna Elementary School!

The staff of Gretna Elementary School, in keeping with the Standards of Quality and the philosophy and objectives of the Pittsylvania County School System, believes that each student should be treated and respected as an individual with specific needs and abilities. Each student should be given the opportunity to develop responsibility, independence, and respect for himself/herself and others commensurate with his/her ability, maturation level, interests, and needs.

The Gretna Elementary faculty and staff allow students the opportunity to develop good habits of sound living that will promote positive mental and physical health. We believe that any educational program must be in keeping with current teaching methodology. By adjusting our instruction to these ideas, our program provides each individual with the academic and social tools needed to advance his/her understanding of the intellectual, democratic, moral, and social concepts. As a result, each student shall become a more productive citizen of our society.

Gretna Elementary School Mission Statement

Every Moment, Every Child, Matters


Preparing Scholars for the 21st Century