History of GES

History of Gretna Elementary School

In September, 1996, the new Gretna Elementary School was opened. The new school was composed of the staff and students from Climax Elementary, as well as the staff and students from the old Gretna Elementary School. With the new school being only ninety-five percent complete, the faculty was asked to report and to bring with them an eagerness and determination that would make the first day of school in the new school a success.

With the opening of the new school under the leadership of Mr. Reuben O. Doss, Jr., Principal and Mr. Theodore R. Jones, Jr., Assistant Principal, there were many obstacles to overcome, many changes to implement, and the task of bringing together two entirely different communities. Although the encounters of opening a new school were numerous, the administration, staff, students and parents banded together and the end result was a productive school year.

Mr. Doss retired in 2003. Ms. Teresa Petty was hired as the principal in 2003. Dianne Travis was selected to be the Assistant Principal for Ms. Petty. In 2007, Ms. Petty left to join the Central Office staff. At that time, Mrs. Dianne Travis was hired as the principal with Paula Cocke as her Assistant Principal. Mrs. Travis retired in 2014. At which time Mrs. Cocke was hired as principal. 

Gretna Elementary had its 20 year anniversary at the beginning of the 2016-2017 school year. A celebration was held on Sunday, September 18, 2016. The event was well attended and everyone seemed to enjoy sharing memories of the school. 

The school has been through many changes over the years but continues to educate students located in the northern portion of Pittsylvania County. A new playground was added at the beginning of this school year (2019-2020). This addition was made possible by donations from the community. The faculty and staff are very appreciative, and the children love the new playground. 

The school is currently under the leadership of Mrs. Paula B. Cocke, Principal and Mrs. Jennifer Andrews, Assistant Principal, along with a dynamic group of teachers, paraprofessionals, administrative assistants, custodians, and other staff.

Great Things are still to come!

old ges
Original Site of Gretna Elementary formerly Gretna High School

Current picture
Gretna Elementary School as it currently appears from Franklin Blvd. entrance.